Cryptocurrencies is a microservices project that lets you see cryptocurrency prices, trends, and statistics. I built it with React, Next.js, TypeScript, Node, and Kubernetes.


Hi! I am Eduardo, and I developed this application.

I wanted to create a cryptocurrencies application that lets users see cryptocurrency prices, trends, and statistics. I also wanted people to be able to save/favorite cryptocurrencies.

Technologies Being





After determining my application's requirements, I decided I would create a cryptocurrencies application using Next.js and Microservices. I chose Next.js for the main website because Next.js features server-side rendering (SSR), which lets me update cryptocurrency information on my website dynamically. For getting cryptocurrency prices and statistics, I chose the free CoinGecko API. Finally, I decided to organize my application into microservices for scalability, reliability, and developer ease-of-use. Check out my application below!



The result is a stunning, creative, and responsive website that helps users see cryptocurrency trends and statistics.

  • Thanks to Kubernetes, the app is easy to deploy and scalable.

  • Using Next.js, the app's content updates quickly and dynamically, which helps people see the latest trends and statistics.

  • Using Kubernetes along with the Google Cloud Platform, the app is redundant and reliable. This prevents downtime.

  • Thanks to Docker, developers can avoid environment issues, which saves valuable developer time.

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