FishCat is a non-profit organization that focuses on protecting the environment. By reforesting lands, they reduce carbon emissions and help to improve the planet.


FishCat needed a website to help people understand their mission. They also wanted people to support their cause by purchasing merchandise or donating from their website. Unfortunately, their current website could not fulfill their needs.

Technologies Being




How I Helped

Working closely with the FishCat team, we identified the improvements that their website needed. After FishCat created their new design, I built their new landing page. Here is the result of my work:

First, I helped people understand FishCat’s mission. To accomplish this, I created sections that described how they worked and what their mission was. To help people see what they accomplish, I included a gallery with photographs of their team and the lands they reforested. By helping people see what FishCat accomplished, people could understand their mission.

Second, I encouraged investors to support FishCat by including details about how they could partner with them. This section showed investors how to contact FishCat and showed who the top investors were.

Third, I focused on optimizing the website’s speed. Speed is important because it is the first thing users will judge on a website. To create the fastest experience possible, I used a static site generator. I also optimized the website’s images to avoid prolonged load times.

Fourth, I focused on making their website mobile-friendly. I optimized the page for mobile, tablet, and desktop so that all users could have a great experience on

Fifth, I helped people support FishCat by adding donation methods. For instance, I added PayPal, Grapevine, and Facebook Donate. However, I also set up a payment service so that people could seamlessly donate from FishCat’s website. It also sends a “thank you” email automatically to all people who donate.

Finally, I improved FishCat’s SEO ranking. By using a static site generator, FishCat’s website ranked higher on search results, which means more people will learn about FishCat’s mission.



The following are some early benefits FishCat is getting from their new website:

  • They save time

  • It helps them get donations.

  • People know who they are.

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